We completed the second weekend of our two-weekend shoot for film, INeasyOUTbreezy. We have incredible official behind the scenes photos and videos coming soon but we wanted to give you a little sneak peek in the meantime! Here are some of the shots we took with our phones. You’ll get a taste of some of the backdrops, lighting setups, costumes, crew, and cast that came together to make this shoot a success. Much more to come! Enjoy!

Our main lighting setup designed by the cinematographer: Aakash Raj!

Caroline watching the shot on a monitor and calling out notes to the dancer with other members of the crew

The setup to film the FaceDance
Caroline  watches on the monitor to give performance cues to the dancer Alexa as Katherine calls out the counts to the music for the camera operator and assistant camera operator.
Caroline performing the FaceDance. Because the FaceDance only captures the head and shoulders, dancers can wear whatever bottoms they choose–in Caroline’s case, her pink unicorn pajamas 🙂
Dancer Audrey on the Flower Bed! Some of our most stunning shots came from this simple setup. 
Assistant Director Chris and Shot Supervisor Katherine on the right discuss the remainder of the shooting schedule for the day as Caroline directs the Verry Berry Girls on the next shot. 
Caroline being all director-ey.
Caroline working with dancer Madelyn on the facial expressions for her upcoming shot. 
Our gaffer, Aiden, checks the luminance levels with his light reader to make sure we keep a consistent amount of light between all shots so there is continuity throughout the film. 
The theme of the weekend. 8 ‘one more times’ later Caroline calls out again: one more time! I swear this is the last one! 
After a delay in makeup and hair pushes back the originally set shooting schedule, Director Caroline Liviakis and Cinematographer Aakash Raj, talk through the shot list to discuss ways they can make up for the schedule delay. 
All the Verry Berry Girls!
The three sisters all together! Director Caroline and her sisters Audrey (dancer) and Katherine (shot advisor).
Shooting with the Steadicam!
Press photoshoot at the end of the filming day!
Preparing for extreme closeups. In the first photo, Alexa prepares Caroline’s teeth for an extreme closeup shot and in the second, Audrey and Rocket (the makeup artist), cover Caroline’s armpits with makeup…sounds glamorous right?!
Prepping at the beginning of the day: camera, shoes, makeup, hearts, check!