A Bunch of Boobs

A Bunch of Boobs was Liviakis’ first publically performed piece that featured her characteristic movement aesthetic and irreverently theatrical presentation. The work features “Drastic Measures” (composed by David Karagianis), a song sampling audio clips from a political speech by Phil Davidson, a political hopeful running for treasurer of his small Ohioan County. His speech, loud and passionate, teeters the line of unsettling and comedic. Much of the choreography is influenced by Phil Davidson’s body language and inflections. A Bunch of Boobs explores what it means to be a leader and a follower in the political world and the characteristics the political realm attracts and fosters.

Choreography: Caroline Liviakis

Music: Drastic Measures  (David Karagianis)

Premier Performance: 04/20/13
Loyola Marymount University

Photography: Leslie Irwin

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