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We Are Always Looking For Eager Talent

We are looking for an intern for the summer of 2019!

The intern would take on a variety of projects including research, marketing, and social media. 

This is a paid internship:

  • Stipend: $200
  • Other Perks: Free CLDC classes for 6 months and a CLDC T-Shirt
  • A letter of recommendation will be written by the Executive Artistic Director if the Intern’s work, work ethic, and attitude are exceptional. 
  • There is the possibility of continuing the internship past the 6 weeks provided both CLDC and the intern are interested and there is more intern-related work to do

Commitment expectation:

  • 7-10 hours per week for a total of 6 weeks
  • A check-in meeting (in-person/phone/video chat) with the Executive Artistic Director once every 2 weeks along with periodic check-in emails throughout week.
  • Flexible hours and schedule: the intern would work remotely (not at a CLDC office or at a specific day/time of the week)

Start date: ASAP


  • We prefer to have an intern who lives in or near San Francisco or Marin County CA so at least one in-person meeting can take place. This, however, is not a strict piece of criteria. 
  • Intern must have a personal laptop with access to the internet and a personal phone
  • Intern must
    • Have exceptional research skills
    • Have excellent writing skills
    • Have experience working across all social media platforms (particularly Facebook and Instagram) in a personal but ideally also business form
    • Be highly organized and detail oriented
    • Work efficiently
    • Be driven and show personal initiative to go beyond expectation
    • Have a friendly disposition, be easy to work with, and have a collaborative attitude
    • Is open to receiving feedback to improve work
    • Be an open and active communicator and respond to CLDC related correspondence within a maximum of 48 hours
    • Have a true interest in CLDC as a company and its artistic projects/philosophy

The ideal intern also:

  • Has experience using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Can execute basic graphic design work
  • Has knowledge and experience in Facebook event creation/promotion and in creating advertisements on Instagram and Facebook
  • Has knowledge of working in the backend of a WordPress website and is comfortable making website updates

Some of the Projects The Intern Will Do (including but not limited to):

  • Research and create spreadsheets on marketing contacts and film festivals (this will take the majority of the Intern’s time)
  • Create Facebook events
  • Create advertisements for the events on IG and FB.
  • Create the poster and edit photos for the event
  • Create monthly update marketing email for email lists
  • Write email templates
  • Create a program

If interested please send the following to (list subject line as CLDC Intern Application—your full name):

  • Resume—include your full name, email, phone number at the top (if you have a website include link as well)
  • A sample of writing/research you have done (particularly a spreadsheet, a professional email, etc.—something that will demonstrate professional writing skills and organization)
  • A headshot
  • An informal cover letter—no need to write the formalities of a traditional one, just write a paragraph or two detailing who you are, what your background is, how you found out about CLDC/have you followed us or seen our work before, why are you interested in the internship, why you think you have the skillset for this internship, and what do you think you can contribute outside of what we have listed above?
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