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“As they say in British Films, The Game is Afoot, and for Ms. Liviakis, that’s so true because she’s coming…here comes that New Kid in Town with her cohorts of movement artists.” (BayAreaDanceWatch)


Our Philosophy

As an organization, the Caroline Liviakis Dance Company (CLDC) propels dance into the future through the development, performance, and education of an innovative and bold movement-performance aesthetic that:

  • Unifies commercial and concert dance styles and performance attitudes: commercial styles belong on a concert stage and concert styles can expand their audience and avenues of presentation
  • Integrates theatricality of performance with the athleticism of technical, full-bodied movement: technical sophistication and entertaining presentation can fruitfully coexist in the same performance
  • Acknowledges the face to be a powerful tool to convey meaning and character while also being a canvas for choreography: the face can be choreographed just the same as the body and add technical and stylistic design
  • Recognizes that dance, as a tool of communication, should be held to the same standards in effectiveness as writing and speaking: pieces should have logical structure (both thematically and aesthetically) and every component of the performance should support that structure

What We’ve Been Up To

The Caroline Liviakis Dance Company (CLDC) was founded in September 2017 and became a 501c3 non-profit organization in October 2018. The company, under the leadership of Founder and Executive-Artistic Director Caroline Liviakis, has made its mark as a bold and innovative new vision, and quickly grown to self-produce full-scale productions and dance films, perform in guest artist appearances throughout the United States, and offer a series of classes and workshops to teach Liviakis’ choreography and methodology to a wide variety of students. CLDC presented its first half-evening of work Six Works-In-Progress in September 2017 and its debut full evening-length work There’s A New Kid In Town in May 2018. An encore performance of There’s A New Kid In Town was presented October 2018. All were performed to sold out audiences.

CLDC has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal, Skyline View, The Ark, and BayAreaDanceWatch. There’s A New Kid In Town was selected as a ‘critic’s pick’ by the San Francisco Chronicle and in July 2018 CLDC was chosen by Backstage Casting Networks as the #1 recommended out-of-town dance company for L.A. dancers to audition for. CLDC has held residencies with LEVYdance and SAFEhouse Arts and has performed as a guest artist for College of San Mateo, Skyline College, and Napa Valley College.

Currently, the company is in the production process for several dance films that will premiere in film festivals around the globe this year including: Better Than You Doin You (Don’t Be Mad), INeasyOUTbreezy, and i know why the bright eye dies. The company’s second evening-length work, The Potential, is set to premiere in early 2020. The company currently hosts a class for accelerated beginners and intermediate-level students: Beginners In The Fast Lane. To learn more and join us for class, visit our ‘classes’ page.

learn about our artistic director: caroline liviakis