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Our Philosophy

The Caroline Liviakis Dance Company brings a new vision to concert dance: one filled with vivid facial expressions, audience engagement, and humor. The performers employ thoughtful and precise movement in philosophical exploration and artistic commentary—often with an edge of playfulness and irony. They acknowledge their own power to control message and emotion, while recognizing the audience’s ability to do the same.

The company was founded on four principles:

  1. The face has astounding movement capabilities and should not be ignored. Facial choreography can project meaning and enhance aesthetic design
  2. Commercial dance and concert dance can coexist. Integrating commercial styles expands audience accessibility and entertainment value in concert dance
  3. Theater and concert dance are an exciting marriage. It combines the technical precision of concert dance with the audience connectivity of theatricality 
  4. Dance is a tool of communication. It should be held to the same standards in effectiveness as writing and speaking. Pieces should have logical structure thematically and physically. Every component should support that structure

What We’ve Been Up To

The Caroline Liviakis Dance Company, has been invited to present work at festivals and showcases across California and New York including: Dances at MuCCC: a contemporary dance festival (Rochester, NY), Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize (San Diego, CA), Emergence A festival of new works (Napa, CA), Choreographers Showcase: Dance Mission Theater (San Francisco, CA), and Emerging Artists’ Collaborative (San Diego, CA). The company has been a performance guest artist at Skyline College, Napa Valley College, and College of San Mateo. The Caroline Liviakis Dance Company was in residence at LEVYdance (June 2017) and is currently in residence at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco (July 2017-April 2018).

In May 2018 The Caroline Liviakis Dance Company will perform its first evening-length work, There’s A New Kid In Town, at SAFEhouse Arts’ new white box theater in San Francisco. This work will serve as a formal introduction of Liviakis’ movement and performance aesthetic and philosophy.