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Extensive dance education

  • M.F.A. in Dance from Mills College (2016). 
  • B.A. in Dance from Loyola Marymount University (2014)

Collegiate Teaching Experience

St. Mary’s College Of California. Adjunct Professor. JAN Term 2019

Skyline College. Adjunct Professor and Guest Choreographer. Spring 2018

Napa Valley College. Adjunct Professor. Fall 2016-Fall 2017

 Mills College. Graduate Student-Instructor. Spring 2016

College of Marin. Long-Term Substitute Instructor. Summer 2008

Studio and school teaching experience

  • Just Dance Academy (San Rafael, CA) June 2012-March 2017
  • San Domenico School (San Anselmo, CA) Spring Semester 2007

experience choreographing, directing, and coaching movement for theater productions

Mills College (Oakland, CA)

  • Movement Director for theater department’s Laramie Project

Marilyn Izdebski Productions (San Anselmo, CA)

  • Assistant Choreographer and Director for Wizard of Oz

San Domenico High School (San Anselmo, CA)

  • Choreographer for Fame 

San Anselmo Town Players (San Anselmo, CA)

  • Choreographer for Bye Bye Birdie

Ability to teach a broad range of styles and class-types


  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theater 
  • Choreography
  • Improvisation
  • Creative Dance
  • Pilates/Dance Conditioning


  • Dance History
  • Dance Cultures
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Dance Careers
  • Anatomy for Dancers

ability to teach a wide range of abilities, ages, and reasons for taking dance

  • Caroline has taught dancers and movers ranging from age 2 through eighty.
  • She has taught those who have never taken dance all the way through performing professionals.
  • She has taught those with varying reasons for taking dance: fitness, extracurricular fun, an avenue of expression, to complement theatrical training, collegiate program preparation, and professional practice.
  • She has exposure in teaching community college, theater companies, studios, schools, master classes, and professional dance company environments. Caroline can effectively teach all types of students who want to take a class. 


     I recognize a teacher who can make dance approachable. Somehow, that’s become a rare skill in teaching. Watching dance, sometimes you think, “I definitely can’t do that step!” But if you have someone guide you, decoding the secret language of each step… you suddenly have access to a hidden potential within you. As a student of Caroline Liviakis I’m relieved how she can teach a class at an always progressing pace, and at the same time, take care that everyone is on board. She has a way of measuring the vibe of a class. There are times we want a second go at trying an exercise, and she can feel it. I’m constantly impressed with how much we can do in one class session, and how much more we do in the final five minutes…it’s pretty remarkable.

It should be said, her knowledge is extensive. Intermediate-level students really appreciate her style because she demonstrates what today’s artists are bringing to the table.  She can draw from various dance styles and just as key, she can articulate how dance works kinesthetically.

I do think it’s essential I mention her age, because at the time that I am writing this, Caroline is in her early 20s and already quite the powerhouse. Shouldn’t we be proud of young people that accomplish bold feats? She demonstrates to us every day in class that she is a disciplined Olympian; putting in time and fighting the way a dancer actually does in the world. Students flock to her. We do. She’s got what we want. We want to go further and she has the way. And as if that weren’t enough, Caroline has the kindest soul, and it makes all the difference when you’re learning. You don’t want an instructor with all of her experience and ingenuity who has an attitude problem. Caroline leads the entire time with an openness that is infectious. Dance classes can be intimidating, but I get this energy from her that says, “Why aren’t you allowed to enjoy this? Go for it!” And so I count myself in; not knowing if I’ll make this killer jump, and not caring. How I ever got to be so brave, I couldn’t say before, but now I know… it’s thanks to this fierce yet welcoming teacher of mine.

Rafael Manzo

     Caroline is an exceptionally profound dance teacher and choreographer. I have had the benefit of studying intensively under her for over a year and fortunate to have the opportunity to dance in her company. Through my time with Caroline I have grown so much: physically, mentally, and emotionally. The way Caroline can get you to move, think, and feel are unlike any other experience I have had in dance. The vibrant imagery she places in your head get you to turn mechanical movements into stories and help you realize technical concepts. Not only does Caroline teach challenging technique and push your endurance, she teaches and choreographs highly unique movement. The moves she creates are unheard of and yet when you see them performed, they are absolutely breathtaking.

Caroline has challenged me to develop my use of facial expressions, something I had never done before. She opened my mind up to the fact that facial expressions alone are a type of dance, and when combined with dancing in the body, you can create amazingly dynamic pieces of art. I have a new found love of dancing for the camera and with facial expressions all thanks to Caroline. She has shown me a side of dance that I didn’t think I would like and now, it’s all I think about.

Caroline is so dedicated to her work, her team, and her students. She always goes to extreme lengths to make her choreography come to life and to serve the needs of her students: whether it be commuting 2+ hours for a 1 hour rehearsal or sewing ripped costumes minutes before a performance, Caroline does the impossible. Dancers who have the honor of working with her will hold those memories with them forever. I say to her future students: open your mind and explore the possibilities of what it is like to step into the amazing world of Caroline Liviakis!

Alexa Delaat

     Caroline is one of the best dance teachers I’ve ever had! Learning from her has pushed me both stylistically and technically. She has a positive and friendly attitude, and keeps an encouraging and safe environment for students to grow as dancers. She really takes the time to discuss anatomy and connects those discussions to technique concepts. As my choreographic mentor, Caroline has taught me in great detail how to create a variety of movements and develop a thoughtful structure. Not only has her guidance taken my choreography to a level I never thought I would achieve, but I am now able to use those tools on all my future choreographic projects. Anyone who has the opportunity to take class from Caroline should! She will challenge you and invest in your journey as a dancer.

Jessica Perez

     I can’t describe how positive it’s been to have Caroline to learn by. Caroline has illuminated a sort of wonderfully patient, moonstruck movement from within countless peers and I–revealing our potential to unreservedly embrace emotion through the knowledge of our physical selves. It’s such a rarity to have an instructor help you be in touch with your body in a more profound way, to really break down movements repetitively and positively. I always fear moving in harmful ways but I feel like I can safely flow while building strength in her classes. After many moons of taking different dance classes I’ve never seen such enthusiasm in teaching and dissecting body language. Basically put: Caroline is awesome!

Tabitha Hamby

Caroline is a bright and lovely dance teacher. I’ve taken several college classes from her and have absolutely loved every class! Her style of teaching is perfect for literally any level. She is kind and encouraging while still teaching challenging choreography. Not to mention–her choreography is extremely sassy and empowering! I love Caroline so much and I’m so glad I have been fortunate enough to learn from her.

Gabriella Llamas

 I first met Caroline after watching her company perform. I was so impressed by the strength and beauty of her dancing and with her unique and innovative choreography, I knew I had to work with her. I have since been fortunate enough to take two classes from Caroline. As a ballet dancer with 20 years experience I appreciate Caroline’s high attention to detail and her intensive focus on technique. Caroline challenges her dancers to be the best they can be while making the class fun for everyone. She works equally well with both beginning and advanced students. I highly recommend Caroline–she is both a pleasure to work with and an excellent instructor!

Melissa Thompson

     Ms. Caroline Liviakis is a phenomenal dancer, teacher, and all around human being. She tailors her class to each individual student, making sure that each student has their own sense of challenge and accomplishment. She is passionate about each dancer’s success and pushes everyone to be a better dancer with accurate and specific corrections to work on. I always feel like I get a workout from her classes.

Jerome Sadu

     Caroline Liviakis has been my dance teacher for only one semester but in that short time she has taught me so much. She has helped me improve my technique tramendously and has instilled a sense of confidence in my dancing. When you have a dance class with Caroline you not only get an outstanding and encouraging dance teacher, you get an outgoing and radiant person who gives challenging choreography that takes you out of your comfort zone. Thanks to Caroline I can say I am a better dancer today. 

Skylar Brooks

     Caroline is not only an amazing dancer and instructor, she is an amazing person! I have had the opportunity to be taught by her for about two years now and I have learned so much from her–and not only in things relating to dance. She is truly an incredible person!

Hali Hall

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Ms. Caroline in both a large class and a smaller mentorship setting. She is an amazing teacher and has a killer warmup routine. Though her choreography can be really challenging, she is also very flexible when it comes to teaching different levels and has a fun, bubbly personality. I like that she offers different layers and dimensions in her technique/style, and that they are well incorporated in her choreography. 

Niko Haber

     Caroline is a fantastic instructor! She not only has a profound gift as a dance teacher and choreographer, she also imparts detailed knowledge about the anatomy of your body and how to use it. I have been performing and directing onstage for twenty-five years, and Caroline taught me something new every single class!

Patti Coyle

     Caroline is a wonderful dance teacher! You can see her passion for teaching and dance through every single one of her classes. Even though this is only my second semester with Caroline, I have learned so much about the technique behind several dance styles. She is so cheerful when she teaches, it makes the challenging technique and choreography so rewarding to accomplish!

Caroline Tikhonoff

Caroline is fantastic! I’ve had the pleasure of having her as an instructor and choreographer and of seeing her perform professionally. She combines movements that are fast and slow, energetic and controlled, to make really interesting and beautiful pieces. As an instructor and choreographer she’s knowledgable, passionate, open to collaboration, and always thinking of new and exciting things. I can’t wait to see more from her!

Kate Olivia

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