Look At Me

Look at Me highlights a quirky shape-oriented movement aesthetic with undercurrent themes of elegance and tragically ironic humor. Each dancer in the work and the work as a whole, project a yearning desire to be seen—the manner this is accomplished varies from instigation, to playful avoidance, to self-directed fascination.
The theatricality of the piece shines in the choreographic design of dancers’ faces along with the relentless toying with the fourth wall. Though the three part piece has a grand group design, the dancers each have a highly individualized presence, standing as unique pillars of unattainable mystique, coy introversion, engulfed self obsession, and fearful seduction.

Choreography: Caroline Liviakis

-Electrorap (Thomas Liviakis)
-A Few Streets Away and     Intersection (Plumbline)
-Popmusic (Alex G & Fame Remix) (Laidback Luke Feat. Jay Underground)

Premier Performance: 04/21/16
Mills College

Photography: Shinichi Iova-Koga

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