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Elite training and certification

Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor in Matwork and Reformer (August 2015). 

Trained in Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Injuries and Special Populations, Prenatal, Postnatal, and Athletic Conditioning.

teaching experience

I have taught at professional and high quality studios, gyms, and colleges throughout the Bay Area. 

  • The Bay Club (San Francisco and Marin, CA). June 2018-present
  • Centered Studio Pilates (San Leandro, CA). February 2016-November 2017
  • Napa Valley College (Napa, CA) August 2016-December 2017
  • Blue Sparrow Pilates (Oakland and San Francisco, CA). August 2015-February 2017

Extensive Anatomical Knowledge and Ability to use pilates as a rehabilitative tool

Have worked with clients with:

  • osteoporosis/osteopenia
  • knee and hip replacements
  • spondylolisthesis
  • herniated discs
  • SI joint dysfunction
  • facet joint syndrome
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • shoulder injuries including bursitis and rotator cuff tears
  • wrist and hand injuries including trigger finger
  • arthritis
  • diabetes
  • hysterectomies
  • post and prenatal
  • and much more.

Experience in dance conditioning

Not only does Caroline have a B.A. and an M.F.A. in dance, she has also taught dance and Pilates at the college level. She has worked with dancers from ages 10-adult on conditioning, expanding anatomical awareness and connecting that to technique, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. 

Experience in Athletic Conditioning

Caroline has worked with a number of athletes in conditioning and rehabilitative programs. She has worked with athletes across a wide range of sports including baseball, golf, boxing, swimming, cycling, marathon running, and tennis. 

qualified total barre instructor

Total Barre Qualified Instructor. Training in Total Barre Endurance. 

Designed and Taught Detailed Workshops

“Stuck Sitting”

  • A workshop discussing the muscular reaction to sitting for prolonged periods of time (which muscles shorten and which lengthen), and exercises/habits that combat those negative effects. 
  • Napa Valley College (July 2017)
  • Centered Studio Pilates (June 2016)

“The Feet Are Where It’s At”

  • A workshop discussing common alignment problems with the feet and exercises/habits that retrain the feet into proper alignment
  • Centered Studio Pilates (August 2016)


     I have enjoyed practicing Pilates for over five years. After leaving my last studio, I had a difficult time finding an instructor that satisfied my drive to always push myself. That is until I found Caroline Liviakis. Not only did Caroline challenge my body and my skills, but she taught me how to work muscles I never even knew I had! Seriously do you know what the Popliteus muscle is or where it is located?! I do now along with many other small muscles that help intensify my sessions, all thanks to Caroline! She advises modification moves for injuries and doesn’t ever make you feel like you are not working hard enough if you did need to modify a movement. She ALWAYS has a fantastic positive energy about her and loves to make class fun. I just can’t say enough about what a great Pilates instructor Caroline is I look forward to her classes twice a week!

Judy Russell

     I suffered from chronic stiffness and pain in my left hip. The exercises and movements that Caroline taught decreased my discomfort significantly. Her pace was challenging and her instructions and images were clear. She was attuned to the ability level and limitations of each student and tailored classes accordingly. The variety of activities she presented kept me from overusing any specific part of my body and getting bored with the same old reformer moves. Even though she no longer teaches my class, I still reap the benefits of her instruction.

Sharron  Reyes

Caroline is a talented teacher who has the ability to motivate her students to become stronger and have fun while doing it. Her love of Pilates is obvious and she shares it enthusiastically with every student, making it contagious. Her classes are always fun, well planned and intelligent. Her knowledge of human anatomy is exceptional, making her an excellent choice for private lessons, as well as classes. Caroline is a truly caring teacher who wants all her students to achieve their physical goals. When a class with Caroline is over, you already are looking forward to the next one!

Nancy Langella

Energetic. Challenging. Adapting to your needs. That describes a Pilates session with Caroline Liviakis. I have been doing Pilates for ten years, starting very slowly after back surgery. I have had hundreds of privates and group classes with different instructors–Caroline is at the top of my instructor list.

Gil  Murdock

     I started Pilates in my 60s and was fortunate enough to get Caroline Liviakis as my teacher. She was patient and very interested in assuring that I was comfortable with the exercises right from the start. She is a perfectionist at making sure the exercises are done correctly and it makes such a difference. Just small adjustments can make the exercises more effective and I am amazed at how well Caroline can read body posture and position
Caroline’ classes were FUN. Very interactive but we worked hard. And while she did have a routine we followed she had the creativity to include variety along with the routine to add spice. My objective in taking Pilates was to restore strength and muscle tone and over the time I’ve been with Caroline, that has been exactly what happened. 
Caroline is not only a great teacher but a wonderful person who connects beautifully with her students.
Kathy Watkins

Caroline is very knowledgeable and an innovative pilates instructor. I appreciate her sense of humor and the way she pushes me beyond my comfort zone in an effort to make me stronger. With her guidance, through personal tailored sessions, and homework I was able to recover from a major surgery much quicker than my doctor predicted. I will always be in her debt!

Carolina Buchting

     Caroline is an outstanding Pilates instructor. I have taken private, advanced equipment, barre, and jump classes with her, and in every class, I find myself challenged by the exercises she dreams up – while also thoroughly enjoying the class because of her enthusiasm, good humor, and interactions with students. Even in group classes, she pays careful attention to the individual student, correcting form and ensuring we are using the exact muscles we are targeting, exactly. I have learned a lot from her, and am very sorry to see her leave our studio. 

Theresa Roeder

     I’ve had a number of Pilates instructors in the last year and Caroline Liviakis is my favorite.  She understands muscular anatomy and its relationship to movement and well-being with high expertise, and explains understandably and entertainingly.  She always brings new exercises into class and her sessions are never boring.  My lower back has been so much better since taking Caroline’s instruction.

Robin Weber

     I have had several pilates instructors over the years, but none with the same energy that Caroline brings to every class! Under her guidance, I became noticeably stronger. I am always amazed at her ability to cater the classes to our specifics needs. Her knowledge of the human body and how to work it makes each class interesting and challenging. She also taps into her creative side, which means no two classes are the same!

Jennifer Cooper

     Caroline loves dance, understands anatomy and movement, and respects each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. These qualities come through in every Pilates session she teaches.

Leslie Foster

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